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Luxury detox & rehabilitation centres for those struggling with substance addiction, gambling addiction or depression. Contact us today to learn more.

We Know Addiction Treatment Is Not a One Size Fits All Solution

At our luxurious rehabilitation facilities, we tailor each service to our individual clients’ needs. Our highly certified staff will ensure that you or your loved one receives the best possible treatment for their situation. We appreciate that everyone’s recovery path is going to be as unique as their history, so we have created successful treatment programs conducted in a comfortable environment that we will be personalised to your requirements, leaving you certain you are in the right place to receive help. Contact us today to learn more about exactly how we can make you feel at home at Hills & Ranges.

Find the Program That Is Right for You

When you become a client at our facilities, we offer an array of substance addiction services such as alcohol rehab and drug rehab, alongside dedicated staff who will be with you every step of the way in guiding you to a successful recovery.

In addition to substance addiction services, we also offer comprehensive gambling rehab services. We know the serious impact a gambling addiction can have on the lives of you and your loved ones, and can provide tailored treatments to overcome the powerful hold it can take.

Depression rehab is also available for anyone who may be battling the debilitating symptoms such as extreme sadness or suicidal thoughts.

Seek the Help You Know You Need

If any of these treatments or services would benefit you or someone you know, contact us today and one of our amazing facility members would be more than happy to talk to you further about our programs.

Start your journey right now!

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, learn more about our rehabilitation services by calling 1800 422 711 or using the online enquiry form. Our professional and supportive staff is happy to answer your questions.

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Hills & Ranges Private offers luxury rehab centres and services that can assist.